About go4school e.V.

What is go4school?

go4school e.V. is a Non Profit Organisation founded by a group of Youth Go Supporters for the sake of Youth Projects through Go. go4school e.V. is authorised to issue donation receipts for tax refunding of membership fees as well as for donations for Youth Go activities.

Since when does go4school exist?

Founded in Jan. 2004 by 12 well known German Go Organisers, go4school has been provisionally approved by legal authority to be a Non Profit Organisation in 2004, Feb 17.

What does go4school do?

go4school is supporting Youth Go Teachers and Youth Go projects within the framework of its financial capacitiy. We give infos on competent teaching and Go-Organisation to all requesting individuals and organisations. Quite some foundation members habe been organisers of 2003 Hans Pietsch Memorial tournament. go4school is co-organiser of HPM 2004 and will be the main HPM 2005 official organiser. We aim to stabilize Youth Go and set-up, organise or support Youth Go projects.

Who is go4school?

How many members do you have?

We have achieved 57 members and wants to furthermore increase the number of our members in order to stabilise youth Go activities, so please apply for go4school membership to internationalise German Youth Go projects.

How to become a member?

go4school individual membership fee is 60 €/year (students et al. 30 €), company fee minimum would be 200 €. Youth Go Project Donations may be done after discussion. Pls. use our membership form or contact: Harald Kroll i.V. go4school e.V., Thomas Brucksch, Hansenstraße 29, 53721 Siegburg, info@go4school.de

Which are your bank account data?

Account Holder: go4school e.V., Account Number: 20002 1001, Bank Name: Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, National Bank Code: 500 502 01 or International Bank Code (BIC/SWIFT): FRASDEFF